Gaia e.V. – Institute for Environmental Management

In 2009, one year after the undergraduate program Green Business Management (B.Sc.) started at University of Europe for Applied Sciences, the Gaia - Institute for environmental management was founded as a platform for “green” economic issues. With their main focus on “Green Science” and “Green Business” the current twelve members’ experiences contribute to the exploration of the interaction between the environment and economy.     

Due to the importance of financial issues, new “green” opportunities are worth exploring for businesses. This process requires creativity and can be implemented with the available business economics tools. Supported by the institute, it is an exciting combination of science and practice.

The name stems from Greek mythology. Gaia is the incarnated earth, who as mother goddess is responsible for birth, life and nutrition. In the mid-1960s Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock developed the so called Gaia-Hypothesis according to which the earth itself in its entirety can be seen as a living entity. By choosing this name the Gaia-Institute aims to reflect on both the fragility of the environment and the opportunity for change.

Gaia e.V. – Institute for Environmental Management
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